This things between us started out as purely physical, driven by lust and desire. I thought I knew what I wanted.

I thought I could keep myself from falling but now, I can only hope to survive the fallout when he walks away.

I knew he was my boss.
I knew he was my brother’s best friend.
I knew he was a bad idea...
But when he’s 6’4” of solid muscle
And a filthy mouth that has you screaming his name…
What’s a girl to do?
We laid out the ground rules:
1. No feelings
2. No commitments
3. Nobody finds out
In my defense, I tried to walk away.
But the moment I tasted his lips,
My fate was sealed,
And my panties melted.
It was all just delicious fun,
Until it wasn’t.
Now it’s not only my heart on the line,
But his future at the company.
I can’t let him destroy his life for me.
Instead, I’ll break my own heart and walk away.
After all, we never promised each other forever.

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