Rock bottom has a basement—and I just found it.

I’ve been head over heels, write it in my diary over and over in love with my best friend Preston Young, pretty much my entire life.

You’d think after decades of hiding my feelings I’d want to reveal my lifelong secret love to my best friend privately, but NOPE.
As the queen of ridiculously grand romantic gestures,
I chose a Jerry Springer style television reveal.

I’ll spare you the anxiety-inducing details and just say, it didn’ out the way I thought it would.
Cue crawling into a deep dark hole of wine, ice cream, and sad ass movies.
I’m never showing my face again.

Okay, so maybe he stormed off the stage and rejected me on live television.
And maybe when his older brother came over to comfort me...I kissed him.
So much for getting my sh*t together.

It was just a kiss.
And then a few more.
And then so many toe-curling O’s my brains are permanently scrambled.

One minute I’m pining for my best friend,
The next I’m falling for his brother,
And to make matters my best friend thinks he might be in love with me?
I didn’t know it was even possible to screw up this bad.

Am I destined to make one giant laughable mistake out of my life,
Or did I miss what’s been right in front of me this entire time?

mock-00054 (2).png

I’m THAT guy…

The one that rejected his best friend and broke her heart on national television—then secretly fell in love with HER best friend, got her pregnant and…well, let me explain.

Before you write me off and think I’m just another heartless dick,
My best friend got her happily ever after….with my brother.

I’ve always been the love ‘em and leave ‘em type.
There’s no point in denying it.
I’m the guy that your mama warned you about—the one who all your girlfriend’s warned you would break your heart.

But I don’t want that life anymore.
I, Preston Young, want a happily ever after.
The kick you in the gut kind of love that makes you act like an idiot and annoy everyone with your sickly cute nicknames.

And the woman I want it with…well, that’s where the shit hit the fan.

First, they introduced me to Riley.
And when I tell you she’s got IT, I’m talking knock you on your ass, wipe the drool off your chin IT.
Spontaneous, confident, long tan legs I want to wrap around my head and a mouth I can’t seem to resist.

And then, they dropped the hammer.
“I’m only going to say this once, so pay attention. Riley is off-limits.”
You’ve got to be f-ing kidding me.

You think I listened?
Hell, I tried to be good…but like I said earlier, she's pregnant, there's a price on my balls and I’m about to run out of second chances.

You see, the thing about Riley…she’s THAT girl.
The ONE.

My future with her is all that matters and I only have one chance to make things right.

Now if I can just convince this tenacious woman I’m worth a damn chance and can give her and our unborn baby the life they deserve.

© 2020 Alexis Winter Author.