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It's no secret I’ve always had a crush on my best friend’s older brother.

He’s the center of every single one of my naughty fantasies,
And my new boss...

That cocky grin and those broad, athletic shoulders.
He’s a walking, talking temptation.
You know what they say about a man with big hands right?

Growing up, we always tormented one another.
I was the nagging, annoying little girl he hated,
And he was the arrogant, douchebag I couldn’t seem to get over.

I know he’s a heartbreaker.
I know he’s completely off-limits.
I KNOW my best friend would kill me.

But when I find out he wants me just as bad,
My panties melt faster than an ice cream cone in hell.
One little taste can’t hurt, right?

It will stay our dirty little secret...or will it?

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