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Eight Romantic TV Shows To Binge Right Now!

In most of the Western world, it’s getting into those dreary, cold days of winter. So, why not binge watch some Romantic TV shows to keep yourself warm and cozy during this time?

Here’s a curated list of TV shows with a heavy romance plot!


Running since 2014, the show is a historical drama set in Scotland. It has a hint of the supernatural as well, given it follows a married former World War II nurse who in 1945 finds herself transported back to Scotland in 1743. There she encounters the dashing Highland warrior Jamie Fraser and becomes embroiled in the Jacobite risings. It’s a steamy, sex-filled show with lush scenery, hot guys in kilts, and serious Romance.

Available on Netflix.

Modern Love

This anthology series adapts different love stories taking place in New York City and is packed with big actors like Anne Hathaway, Tina Fey, and Dev Patel. Modern Love explores "love in its multitude of forms – including sexual, romantic, familial, platonic, and self love.” It will probably make you cry.

Available on Amazon Prime.

Love Life

Starring Anna Kendrick, this is another anthology series. It follows a different person each season from their first romance until their last romance. It’s a fluffy, fun series that won’t disappoint when it comes to romance and comedy.

Available on HBO Max.

Dawson’s Creek

Throwing back to the late 1990s, Dawson’s Creek was a hit series about four friends living in a small coastal town. Throughout the show, they fall in love, make tough choices, and grow up. While the clothes, technology, and some aspects might be dated, the core themes of the show still hold up.

Available on Netflix and Amazon Prime.


Less of a straight-up Romance than a drama with romantic subplots, the show features Annie, a plus-sized young woman who wants to change her life — but not her body. Annie is trying to make it as a journalist while juggling bad boyfriends, sick parents, and a perfectionist boss. It is both a love story to herself as much as a drama with love stories featured in it.

Available on Hulu.


A British romance series, the story begins as more of a comedy than a romance (the story focuses around a man having to contact his previous sexual partners to tell them he has an STI), but it evolves into a deep love story and less of a silly romp as the series progresses.

Available on Netflix.


For fans of Romance and science fiction, this show has both. It deals with eight strangers who share a supernatural power that connects them emotionally and psychically. They can communicate no matter where they are in the world. It is half their escape from a shadowy organization and half their love stories. Perfect for those who like their romance a little “out there” once and awhile (or want to convince their partner to watch a romance with them).

Available on Netflix.

Pride & Prejudice (1995)

Of course, we have to include the “original” Romantic TV series. This four-part mini-series is still beloved (and often argued as the best adaptation of the classic novel). It stars a young and brooding Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy and the set design is gorgeous.

Available on iTunes and Google Play (or your library might have it on DVD!)

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