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Here’s What’s Needed To Craft A Great Romance Novel

A kiss here, a misunderstanding there ... is that all that makes a Romance novel what they are? Romance is a demanding genre, whether it’s a chaste love story or a super-steamy romp, because readers have high expectations! The romance genre is a fun indulgence, a way to escape. But a plotline that isn’t well-rounded and uninteresting characters can leave a lot left to be desired.

Here are Six Things which Make a Romance Novel A Thrilling Read:

Engaging Characters

There might be a misconception about romance that the characters don’t matter and you just want to get to the bedroom action. This couldn’t be further from the truth! In order to create the tension that makes for a sensual build-up, the characters need to be fully-fleshed individuals that you care about. They need to feel real, they need to have flaws, and they need to grow. And then, you know, also have those steamy bedroom scenes!

Sexual Tension

Even if the novel isn’t on the steamy side, the characters need sexual tension between that is palpable and popping off the page! You have to feel that the two characters are attracted to each other, even if they deny it with their words. In fact, knowing two characters are going to get together, despite their protests, is part of the fun!

Interesting Story

Along with the sexual tension, just like every novel, the story of a romance has to make sense and be a compelling page-turner. The characters’ attraction to one another could be leaping off the page, but if the story that contains them is weak, you’re going to yawn and put that book right back down. The storyline needs to grip you just as much as those dashing characters.

Fits its sub-genre

There are so many sub-genres of romance, from paranormal to alpha billionaires to Christian. When it comes to the romance genre, there is literally something for everyone! That being said, a Romance has its own particular tropes that you as the reader are expecting. Alpha billionaire stories usually contain an exotic trip or a lavish party. Paranormal tends to be a little edgier, with some violence or fighting. Wherever your interests lie, you can almost guarantee there’s a love story with your favorite elements!

Don’t Skip the HEA

According to BookRiot, a Romance is not a Romance unless there is a Happily Ever After, or, at the very least HFN (Happily for Now). This escape from reality means that we romance novelists can give you that lovely resolution that wraps everything up wonderfully! A Romance without a HEA is like a birthday party without a cake; it feels wrong and disappointing. Give everyone what they want!

Memorable Details

If you think back to a time in your reading history to your romance favorite novel, there’s something about it that makes it your number one choice! This would be a memorable detail. Whether it’s an interesting spin on a known trope, a fun and feisty side-character, or an interesting location, side details like this help to broaden the story and take it from entertaining to engrossing.

Hopefully, this little look into what it takes to craft a steamy, sexy romance novel gets you more excited to dive into this incredibly fun genre!

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